The Ultimate Guide to Fantasy Dildoes

Fantasy dildoes are simply the best sex toys for playing out your…fantasies! They are massive, beautifully designed, pleasure machines which will take your orgasms to heights that put regular dildoes to shame. The great thing about Fantasy Dildoes is there are so many different styles to choose from! Whether tangling with a Kraken’s tentacle gets you wet as the ocean or grinding on a dragon makes you wet between the legs, you are sure to find the perfect Fantasy Dildo to make your wildest dreams come true.

To help you find your next favourite sex toy, here is the ultimate guide to Fantasy Dildoes.

Extreme Dildoes

While all Fantasy Dildoes are serious sex toys, Extreme Dildoes are some of the most adventurous on the market. They are ultra-long, ultra-girthy dildoes in a range of incredible designs, textures, shapes and colours.

Some of our favourite Extreme Dildoes include:

The Great Dane

This 29.5cm long beast pays tribute to the biggest dog of them all. With a flat tip and double-sectioned shaft, it will stimulate even your hardest-to-reach pleasure spots and push all your buttons on the way there.

Monster’s Tongue

As its name suggests, this totally unique Extreme Dildo is designed to look exactly like a Monster’s Tongue. With an eye-watering 9cm diameter at its widest point, receiving oral sex from this sex toy will stretch you to your absolute limits!

Fantasy Dildoes

Fantasy Dildoes are specially designed to enable you to play out all your Sci-Fi and fantasy daydreams. Fantasy dildoes include everything from classic Dragon Dildoes to Unicorn Horns but the best thing is that they don’t just look like mythical creatures, they feel like them too (or at least how the expert designers imagine them to feel). This is down to their specially textured shafts incorporating scales, bumps, lumps and suckers. 

Here are a few of our favourites:

Apophis Burnt Orange Dragon Dildo

The Burnt Orange Dragon Dildo collection is incredibly popular and the Apophis Fantasy Dildo is one of the standout sex toys in the range. At 19.5cm in length and 5cm in diameter, you would be forgiven for thinking this was a relatively tame Fantasy Dildo. But what makes the Apophis so special is its scaled shaft which will rub you up and down and inside out in all the right ways.

Unicorn’s Horn Dildo 

At an insane 46cm in length, you can stick the Unicorn’s Horn to the fence at the end of your garden and it will still reach all your most sensitive spots. With a shaft that tapers slowly from base to tip, the Unicorn’s Horn is the ultimate Fantasy Dildo for deep penetration and can even double up as a spanking toy.

Massive Dildoes

Serious size is a hallmark of all Fantasy Dildoes but Massive Dildoes take things to a whole new level! They come in all shapes and designs but are created especially for deep penetration and hole-stretching pleasure. There are Massive Dildoes up to 30cm in length and with diameters of 7-8cm meaning that every inch of you will be filled with these giant sex toys. 

Some of the Massive Dildoes which get us massively excited include:

Mythical Horse Dildo

There are many horse cock sex toys but the 18.5cm Mythical Horse is a truly special Fantasy Dildo. It has a host of awesome design features including the coronal ride right below its head, its heavily textured 5.35cm wide shaft and its two medial rings which provide the same sensations as a ribbed dildo.

German Shephard Dildo

Paying homage to one of the most intelligent dog breeds on the planet, the German Shepherd Dildo is the ultimate pleasure pet. Designed to look exactly like the appendage of our favourite pooch, the German Shephard is 23cm in length with a huge double knot halfway down the head for maximum penetration depth and extreme hole stretching. What a good boy!

Squirting Dildoes

Squirting Dildoes are the most innovative of all Fantasy Dildoes and have become some of the most popular since they were first developed. They provide all the usual benefits of a regular Fantasy Dildo but are specially designed with a hollow shaft and an integrated pump which delivers a massive Cum Lube load.

If you are looking to get sticky, we recommend:

Paso Fino Squirting Dildo

Designed in tribute to the legendary horse breed, the Paso Fino Squirting Dildo is a 23x6.5cm stallion with a heavily veined shaft. With its squirting ability, the Paso Fino will allow you to play out all your thoroughbred breeding fantasies.

Hell Hound Squirting Dildo

The Hell Hound Squirting Dildo is straight out of the fiery pits of Satan himself. It is 27.5cm of demonic delights and can produce a cumshot worth selling your soul for.

Weird Dildoes

When it comes to Fantasy Dildoes, the weirder the better, and Weird Dildoes are some of the most unique and interesting sex toys available today. Straight out of a fantasy writer’s imagination, Weird Dildoes will bring all of your wildest dreams into horny reality.

If you are looking for something a little different, how about:

Ogre Weird Dildo

Ogres may be the ugliest creatures in the fairytale world but this Ogre Weird Dildo is a thing of absolute beauty. Its 21cm ribbed shaft is comprised of three sections with fluctuating diameters which offers a Fantasy Dildo experience that is similar to using giant anal beads. A real collector’s item.

Octopus Tentacle Weird Dildo

The Octopus Tentacle Dildo comes straight from the dark, murky depths of the ocean to explore your dark, murky depths. It has a 23.5cm which tapers from the enormous 7.5cm base all the way to its pointed tip but what makes the Octopus Tentacle a truly unique Fantasy Dildo is the suckers that run the whole way up the shaft. 

We hope this ultimate guide to Fantasy Dildoes has given you some ideas. With so many amazing Fantasy Dildoes on the market, it is super easy to build a true treasure chest of wild and wonderful sex toys. The only question is, which one to try first?