Collection: Squirting Dildos

Everyone has their own kinks, their fetishes, the things that curl their toes or make them big. For many people, the best part of sex is the big climax, the pop shot, the reward at the end of the old rumpy pumpy. 

For these folks, it is all about the cumshot. Whether that jizz is dripping down their chin or creaming up their pie, it is a must-have that they must have now. 

If you are one of those folks who are young (or old), dumb (or smart) and want to be full of cum (or covered in it), Fantasy Dildoes UK is proud to present our range of squirting dildoes. With these specially designed toys, you can treat your partner or yourself to multiple massive loads whenever and wherever they are wanted. 

As with all our items, our squirting dildos are not just your run-of-the-mill boring old hollow dildos with plungers. That’s right, our squirting dildos are fantasy squirting dildos which means they are uniquely stunning pieces of art that can cover you head to toe in the good stuff!

We have a range of different squirting dildoes including our absolutely massive Shire Horse Squirting Dildo. This 29.5cm stallion is the biggest dildo on our entire site and can deliver a cumshot like a fireman’s hose. It is made from 100% Premium Platinum Medical Grade Silicone and comes complete with an injector and pump.

Squirting dildos can be filled with pretty much anything but best is Dragon Jizz cum lube which looks and feels exactly like the real thing. You can also use a squirting dildo for pee play or even as a fun way to give out tequila at your next family gathering! Some people even make their own cum using different food products. If you decide to take this route be careful about what you use in your fake cum, particularly for internal squirting.

Our squirting dildos can be used for both masturbation and for playing with your partner(s). Due to the sheer size of many squirting dildos, it is a good idea to use lubricant for penetration. The great thing about this is that many lubes can double up as fake cum and there are many available which are designed for this exact purpose. Just remember not to use a silicone-based lubricant with our silicone toys because they will degrade the surface of your squirting dildo which can be a breeding ground for bacteria. If you are using your squirting dildo for throat and mouth shots, it is also important to make sure that the fake cum is edible.

All our squirting dildos come with free next day shipping across the UK with all items discreetly packaged to stop your neighbours or delivery man from stealing your toy. In addition, all orders show up on card and bank statements very discreetly so that nobody will know our naughty little secret! Happy squirting ladies and gentlemen!