Collection: Massive Dildos

Of all the questions that the great philosophers of history have pondered, there is none more hotly debated than: “Is bigger always better?” 

Now, of course, the answer to this question depends on exactly what it refers to. It is an established fact, for instance, that a bigger sandwich is always better. 

But what it the consensus when it comes to dildos?

Well, as always, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, at Fantasy Dildoes UK, we have a lot of customers for whom size definitely matters! So for all of our size queens and kings, we have put together a HUGE range of absolutely, undeniably, astronomically MASSIVE dildos!

That’s right! At Fantasy Dildoes UK, we are all about pandering to the demands of the people and so we have taken the biggest, fattest, girthiest dildos and created a massive dildo collection for your pleasure. 

Of course, these are no ordinary, big boring dildos. Our collection is made of giant fantasy dildos designed to let you play out your wildest fantasies in real life. We have a giant Xenomorph Alien Dildo that you can introduce to all your black holes; Earth Dragon Dildos and Fire Dragon Dildos to breathe some fire into your bedtime activities; Octopus Tentacle Dildos to creep into all your wet nooks and crannies; and even German Shepherd and Great Dane Dildos perfect for doggy style dildo-ing! 

All of our massive dildos are stunningly designed and moulded from 100% medical grade silicone. This is the highest-quality silicone which means it looks fantastic, feels incredible and will last a lifetime if you take proper care of your massive dildo. 

An important part of proper care is using the correct lube when you are playing with your massive dildo. It may sound counterintuitive but you should never use silicone-based lubricant with a silicone toy and  that includes all of our massive dildos and the other toys on our site. This is because silicone lube actually breaks down the surface of silicone sex toys. If this happens to your massive dildo, it will ruin the texture of the dildo and also make it more susceptible to bacteria buildups. 

Speaking of texture, the texture of our massive dildos and other fantasy sex toys is one of their most important defining features. Normal sex toys are either completely smooth or have beaded or ribbed textures. Massive dildos on the other hand have all kinds of different textures based on dragon hide, kraken skin and other mythical creatures. These unique textures provide sensations and pleasure that normal sex toys simply can not match.

All of our massive dildos come with free next day shipping in discreet packaging (because we know how nosy neighbours can be!) We also offer a number of safe and secure payment options and guarantee discretion.

Choose your favourite massive dildo today and we will have a giant package with you in no time!