How Big are Fantasy Dildos?

Fantasy dildos are the MVPs of the sex toy world. Gone are the days of vanilla dildos with their smooth shafts and unimaginative colours. Fantasy dildoes are dynamic, beautifully crafted jackhammers of naughtiness, designed like dragon tongues, unicorn horns and octopus tentacles. 

They have scales, horns and lumps and bumps for incredible sensations that other dildos just cannot live up to. However, another defining feature that makes fantasy dildos so popular is that they tend to be larger than regular sex toys so they can fill and stretch all your holes.

But how big are fantasy dildos? And does their size mean that they are unsuitable for some people? Let’s explore…

How Big is Big?

The majority of fantasy dildos are much bigger than regular dildos and vibrators. Of course, there are some huge standard dildos on the market but these are the exception. Most of our fantasy dildes are around 20-25cm in length with diameters of between 3cm-5cm. We also have some special fantasy dildos like our Octopus Tentacle Dildo which has a tapered shaft with the widest part of the shaft stretching you to the limits.

What are the Biggest Fantasy Dildos Available?

The most enormous fantasy dildo available is the Shire Horse Squirting Dildo. This absolute beast of a sex toy is, as its name suggests, based on the penis of the mighty shire horse. The Shire Horse Squirting Dildo is a massive 27.5cm long and 3.5cm in diameter. Not only is this dildo a monster of a sex toy, it can also be filled up with the fake cum of your choice (or any other liquid you like choose) to deliver a massive load. 

How to Use a Massive Fantasy Dildo

Of course, due to the sheer size of fantasy dildos, you need to take your time choosing your toy and also warming yourself up for it. If you are not used to massive toys (or penises), you may want to consider using lube with your fantasy dildo. This will help to ease the dildo in slowly while you start to loosen up. Remember not to use silicone lube with a silicone fantasy dildo because the lube will degrade the surface.

Can You Use Massive Fantasy Dildos for Anal Sex?

Absolutely, but you need to be even more careful. As well as using plenty of lube, you should also start out with a thinner fantasy dildo like the Unicorn Horn dildo. You can play with this dildo until you train your ass to take a bigger one. Alternatively, use a tapered fantasy dildo like the Monster Tongue Dildo that gets wider the further you insert it. This will help to naturally train your butt.

When it comes to sex toys, bigger isn’t always better but if you love having your holes stuffed and stretched, fantasy dildos are the right toys for you. There are so many amazing MASSIVE fantasy dildos available that can fulfil all your needs and bring you GIANT orgasm after GIANT orgasm!