Best Fantasy Dildoes Coming Out in 2022

The popularity of fantasy dildoes has exploded in recent times with more and more people coming to appreciate their unique orgasm-providing qualities. This year has been no different with some amazing fantasy toys already being released to huge acclaim. But the year is not over and there are still some seriously exciting fantasy dildoes on the horizon that are absolute must-haves for every fantasy sex toy collection.

Here are our top 5 picks for the best fantasy dildoes coming out in 2022.

1. Shire Horse Squirting Dildo

Not only is the Shire Horse Squirting Dildo the biggest fantasy dildo we have ever seen, it’s also one of the most fun! This dildo is a whopping 27.5cm long and 3.5cm in diameter so playing with the Shire Horse really is like riding a stallion. It is designed to look exactly like the real thing but its defining feature is this dildo’s squirting function. All you need to do is fill the dildo with fake cum using the accompanying injector and then squeeze the pump for a realistic cumshot whenever and wherever you want it!

2. “Errol” Fire Dragon Dildo

There is a huge range of Fire Dragon Dildos each with its own name and identity. We are huge fans of the entire collection but “Errol” has to be our favourite. Errol is a giant black and red suction cup dildo, ideal for stuffing and stretching all your holes. The suction cup part of Errol is designed like the head of a ferocious lion while the 13cm shaft of the dildo is the lion’s tongue. Able to stick to any smooth surface, Errol is the ultimate hands-free pleasure powerhouse.

3. Octopus Tentacle Dildo

Fantasy dildos should be unique, exotic sex toys and the new Octopus Tentacle Dildo is like nothing we have ever seen before. The tapered shaft of the dildo provides increased girth as you push the dildo further inside you while the shaft is designed to look just like a tentacle complete with suckers and octopus skin. This surface provides incredible sensations that are unique to the Octopus Tentacle Dildo while its suction cup means you can stick it anywhere whenever you are feeling horny.

4.  Xenomorph Alien Dildo

The Xenomorph Alien Dildo is another wild and wacky sex toy to add to your fantasy dildo collection. The great thing about alien dildos is that nobody knows what an alien dick looks like (apart from the lucky few who have been abducted and probed) so the designers always let loose on alien toys. The Xenomorph Alien Dildo is no exception with a 19cm alien penis shaft with an impressive 5cm diameter. The Xenomorph also has a section cup so you can stick it up on the window of your space craft and moon the moon.

So there you have it! Our rundown of the best fantasy dildoes coming out in 2022. There are definitely some exciting products to keep your eye out for and they will be available in time to purchase as Christmas stocking fillers for friends and family!