Best Fantasy Dildoes 2023

2022 was an amazing year for Fantasy Dildoes and it looked like it was going to take some beating. Enter 2023 and a whole host of incredible new Fantasy Dildoes are set to blow 2022 out of the water! With brand new Squirting Dildoes (always a big hit!) and an entirely new range of Dragon Dildoes, there is something for every Fantasy Dildo fan to get excited about.

To help show you what this year has to offer, here are the best Fantasy Dildoes of 2023.

Hell Hound Squirting Dildo

The first of three Squirting Dildoes on our list (we literally can’t get enough of them!), the Hell Houd Squirting Dildo is a demonic beast of a sex toy. It is a huge 27.5cm in total length with a straight, veined shaft and a flat head that will hit all your sensitive spots. As with all the Squirting Dildoes in this list, the Hell Hound delivers a monumental Cum Lube load which is perfect for creampies, facials and full-on soakings!

Dragon Tongue Dildo

Who would have thought a dildo could perform oral sex? Well, prepare to have your mind blown because the Dragon Tongue Dildo does just that. As you can probably guess from its name, this Fantasy Dildo is designed to look like a dragon’s tongue and is 21.5cm long with a massive 5.9cm diameter at its widest part. A guaranteed hole stretcher. 

T-Rex Squirting Dildo

If you love dildoes with dinosaur dimensions, the T-Rex Squirting Dildo is the sex toy for you! The T-Rex is 19.5cm of Jurassic pleasure potential with a highly textured, multiple-knotted shaft and a pointed head which will reach even your deepest pleasure points. It also has serious squirting capabilities so you can breed your own little dinosaurs (“Life finds a way”, Jeff Goldblum, Jurassic Park).

Askook Burnt Orange Dragon Dildo

The new Burnt Orange Dragon Dildo range has some of 2023’s most exciting Fantasy Dildoes so this list wouldn’t have been complete without one of their sex toys. The Askook Dildo is like nothing we have seen before with its spiral textured shaft providing sensations that no other dildo is capable of. A must-have for every serious Fantasy Dildo collection.

Alpha Werewolf Squirting Dildo

When the full moon is out, there is nothing better than unleashing your inner beast with a Fantasy Dildo. This Alpha Werewolf Squirting Dildo is 24cm in length with an enormous 6.8cm diametre. It has two ridges running down the underside of the shaft a giant knot at the base and delivers a monstrous cumload, all of which are guaranteed to have you howling.

We hope this list has given you some inspiration for your next Fantasy Dildo. Every year, the Fantasy Dildo world gets more and more exciting and with 2023 just a few days old, this year is already shaping up to be a great one! With so many awesome Fantasy Dildoes hitting the market, it’s the best time ever to add to your collection.